Possibly the effect of too many painkillers but just humour me…

So it’s midnight on Friday night and I’ve been driving myself a little insane for the last 36hrs or so… mainly because I’m currently unable to walk or sit down due to an unfortunate sudden onset of sciatica. Or at least I’m hoping it’s sciatica and nothing more serious but my god I’ve not had it this bad in a while. Mainly due to the fact that I can’t put one foot in front of the other (either foot on this occasion; most of the time I only get it in one leg at a time), but it’s a lot more intense when it’s in two legs because when it gets you, you lose the ability to engage your core and just standing up straight is pure agony. Sitting is also agony. So bed it is!

Unless you’ve suffered with slipped/herniated discs before or any other similar spine injury, it’s hard to explain to people how unsettling and scary the pain is when your back ‘goes’.

Now, I may have taken one too many painkillers, but it always makes me feel like my spine is like a really wobbly tower of plates or pebbles that’s stacked up, and one wrong move could send it tumbling. That’s obviously a biological dramatisation, but anyone who’s suffered in this way before will totally get it. Cue google images to help show what I mean…

You get my point.

There’s not a lot I can do at the moment other than rest up and wait for it to pass. All attempts I’ve made to do my physio and stretches has just angered it and set me back a few steps, so I’m sticking with the painkillers and some, clearly, much needed rest. I’m feeling very frustrated, hard done by, and pissed off because I don’t even think I did anything in particular to trigger it.

Anyway, positive mental attitude let’s do this… here’s to hopefully waking up a lot more comfortable than when I go to sleep.

Night y’all.


Author: crystalclearjo

Thirty something northerner living with Psoriatic Arthritis and a host of spine niggles. Busy proving life isn't all about pain...

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